To program using JTAG, any ARM Cortex M3 compatible JTAG adapter can be used. The interface has been tested using an ARM-USB-TINY-H and an ARM-USB-OCD-H by Olimex. The interface board does not have a full-size 20-pin JTAG connector - an adapter will be required with most JTAG programmers. Simply plug the ARM-JTAG-MINI connector into J5 on the bottom side of the vehicle interface PCB. Make sure that the ribbon cable exits the connector in the direction of the arrow on the PCB.

JTAG Header

With the JTAG adapter connected, and power applied to the board, the LPC1769 should respond to commands from OpenOCD. If deploying code from an OpenXC repository, the board can be programmed by simply executing “make flash” from the root of the source tree. See other LPC17XX JTAG tutorials for more information, the process is nearly identical across all LPC17XX devices.