After being manufactured, the RN-41 is in the default state and likely needs to be confirgured with the correct device name and baud rate. Some firmware, like the official OpenXC VI firmware will automatically handle this configuration each time it boots up (using the AT-commander library). If you need to configure it manually, follow these instructions.

  1. Apply power to the VI.
  2. Discover Bluetooth devices on the PC, find the VI, and pair with it.
  3. Remove power from the VI.
  4. After a few moments, reapply power to the VI
  5. Very quickly (within 60 seconds) connect to the VI and open a terminal
  6. Type $$$ and press enter. If done quickly, the bluetooth LED should start flashing rapidly and CMD should be printed to the screen.
  7. Type ST,10 to reduce the configuration timer to 10 seconds. It can also be disabled by executing ST,0.
  8. Type SU,43 to set the baud rate to 460800.
  9. Type --- to exit configuration mode
  10. Remove power from the VI. When power is reapplied, the settings will be changed.

The commands can also be sent via UART0 on the LPC1769 to avoid the configuration timer. See the RN-41 advanced user manual for additional documentation on parameters that can be changed (Page 30 for a quick reference)