If a 3.3V USB-Serial converter is available, the device can be programmed using the ISP header, J3. To use ISP simply short JP2 and reset the LPC1769. If the ISP_EN pin is grounded when the LPC1769 boots, it will enter the built-in ISP bootloader instead of running the OpenXC firmware. UART0 will then be used for programming under an application like Flash Magic.

ISP Header

The setup using Flash Magic are as follow:

  1. Connect to the OpenXC VI board using 3.3V USB-Serial converter, with exactly each pins on USB-Serial converter connect to the OpenXC VI board as shown on the above
  2. Short JP2 with a proper connector or jumper cable
  3. Use Flash Magic and set the following programming paratmeters:

    • Select LPC1769 device from dropdown list
    • Select the correct COM port
    • Set Baud rate to 38400
    • Set Oscillator frequency to 12000000
    • Check “Erase all Flash+Code Rd Prot” box
    • Check “Verify after programming” box
    • Select the downloaded bootloader hex file

flash magic

Step 4: Click Start in Flash Magic!